5 things that your cat secretly hates

None of us wants to annoy our feline friends but it can be tricky when you don't speak the same language!

Here are five things that most cat lovers have done at some point - and why they might actually be getting your cat's nerves...

Check out the PDSA website for 5 things you do that your cat secretly hates.


Risks of Laser Pointers for Cats

Even though cats find the light from a Laser Pointer
extremely tempting to chase, it may actually be problematic for

them.  Due to there not being anything for your cat to “catch” they could become frustrated and may even develop behavior problems as a result.

These lasers should especially not be given to children as they could damage or  even burn the cat's eyes as well as their own.  There are plenty of other stimulating toys out there for your fluff ball to play with